Make a Fund Request

You are just a click away! Fill out our online form to make a request. There is never any red tape or lengthy delay for members who want to access the Fund.

We only have two rules for honoring donation requests:

1) the request must come from an IEA member, and
2) there must be a sufficient balance in the Fund. That’s it!

All requests are handled discreetly and in confidence, so the recipients are not embarrassed by the donations. In fact, often it is the member involved who actually delivers or arranges for the needed services.

Make a Fund Request

Submit your Children’s Fund story

Did you or your students have a great experience with the Children’s Fund?  Your story is very valuable to us.  So is privacy.  We take great care not to show images of children (without parental consent), but images of thank you cards, images of what you purchased, or any other image that conveys how you and the Fund helped a child is truly appreciated.   Use your imagination and share your heart-warming story.

If you’d like, you can check a box on the form to give us permission to publish your story.  Thanks!

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