Helping Idaho school children.

The IEA Children’s Fund is dedicated solely to helping Idaho’s most needy public school children.

Every year hundreds of Idaho school children lack support to be successful in school. In most cases, their family cannot afford to provide for their basic needs.

From providing warm clothing in the winter to purchasing new glasses for a child with reading difficulty, the Children’s Fund annually makes hundreds of donations to help our state’s students.

About the Fund
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Read their Stories

Children are the driving reason for the Children’s Fund. Their stories are remarkable, as are the hearts of those who sustain our Fund financially.

Please consider a tax-deductible gift to some of Idaho’s neediest school children.

Read their Stories

Contribute to the Children’s Fund

If you would prefer to make a cash contribution, you may do so by sending your check made payable to:

IEA Children’s Fund
c/o Idaho Education Association
PO Box 2638
Boise, ID 83701

Members of the public are welcome to donate, too.

Resources for IEA Members

Request a grant from the fund or tell us your story of how the Children’s Fund helped your student.

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